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Safe Beginnings was established in 1991. As the Boston area’s original baby proofing service, Safe Beginnings Childproofing has been in business for more than 25 years and professionally childproofs homes in all of New England. The company has expertly babyproofed well over 5,000 homes and will continue to do so as the company transitions to new ownership.

Neal and Colleen Onos are now the new owners of Safe Beginnings Childproofing. Colleen has had a relationship with the founders of the company, Jeff and Susan Baril, for over sixteen years, which is how Neal and Colleen were first introduced to the idea of childproofing. Neal was a Special Education teacher for 10 years before he started working as an installer with Safe Beginnings in the summer of 2016. It was during that time when he realized that childproofing homes was indeed something that was just as, if not more, rewarding than teaching. It wasn’t until after they had their son Jaydn in 2011, when they found out firsthand just how beneficial it was to have their home professionally childproofed. They also discovered how their products withstand the test of time when they welcomed their second son Landon in 2017. With some minor adjustments and a bit of TLC, their house continued to be childproofed.

From the day their son Jaydn was born, they were willing to do whatever was needed in order to give their boy a happy and safe home to grow up in. Once Jaydn started crawling and was on the move, they realized that they had some childproofing to do. After attempting to do it themselves, they realized that they would benefit from professional help. Safe Beginnings Childproofing was a great service that made a lot of sense to them as hard working parents.

Safe Beginnings Childproofing is an ideal service for parents who lack the time, tools or technical expertise to do their own childproofing. The new owners of Safe Beginnings Childproofing plan to extend their baby proofing service to all of New England. They are committed to staying current with all aspects of childproofing and fully intend to grow and expand their new business so that more families can benefit from what they feel is a valuable service that will keep their children safe.

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