Making homes safe for babies

giving parents peace of mind

Safe Beginnings Childproofing makes the job easy and gives parents peace of mind!

We do it right the first time, before accidents happen!

We evaluate your home to make it safe for baby, securing stairways, hallways, rooms, cabinets and drawers, windows, heavy furniture that could tip over, fireplaces, electrical outlets, closets, swinging doors, ovens and toilets.
Our professional installers can outfit your home with the highest quality safety products including safety gates, drawer and cabinet latches, outlet plates and covers, toilet lid locks, door locks, window guards, fireplace guards and custom lexan (rigid, clear plastic shield) for balconies.
We also offer family safety items including fire escape ladders, baby rescue fire escape bags, fire place hearth pads, and first aid kits.

What Our Customers Say

Safe Beginnings was excellent for our childproofing needs! Neal is a great, personable individual and easy to work with. He is transparent and extremely organized about his work. He arrived on time, surveyed the home with us while hearing our thoughts before proposing a game plan with an estimated cost for all the work / materials. The experience was extremely collaborative. Rather than being told what we should be doing and which products we should purchase, we were guided to what we could do about our concerns and potential products. Neal was kind enough to demo some of the products before fully installing them to help us decide. I would highly recommend Neal and Safe Beginnings for any new parent looking to safeguard their house.
Navin B.


Can’t save enough about Neal! He was very responsive and great to work with. I needed safety gates installed on steep stairs. I am not handy and the setup is complicated. I called Neal and he set them up for me. The gates look and work great. I am so happy that he was able to squeeze me in since I had guests coming with small children in a short time frame. I am very pleased with his work!
Courtney J.


Neal is amazing, and I would recommend Safe Beginnings to anyone. He was incredibly responsive and easy to work with. He arrived right on time, toured our house with me and explained everything he *could* do without being pushy at all. We made a plan and he got to work. I couldn’t believe how quickly he got it all completed…switching out 50 outlets, installing gates, cabinet latches, etc. It was such a relief to just have it all taken care of, and know it was done right. He was also so accommodating while in our home, planning the work that involved drilling around our son’s nap time! Highly recommend.
Alexis W.


Safe Beginnings was such a blessing for our family during a crazy time in our lives. Having just moved 1.5 weeks prior to having baby #2, we didn’t have time to baby proof our house.  Neal and his team at Safe Beginnings were super accommodating and able to come at a time that didn’t disrupt nap time, dinner time etc.  Neal was able to make recommendations to help improve the safety of our house while not seeming to push his own agenda.  I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking to child proof their home!
Kathleen M.


Make your Home More Secure And Your Life a Little Easier

Let us assess your home for safety, outfit it professionally with quality products for the greatest peace of mind.